Our California Auto Dealer Continuing Education Program

OnlineAutoDealerEd.com provides the highest quality of expert driven content for California autodealers. Our continuing education courses will keep you updated on the newest auto dealer regulations and help prepare you for the 21st century auto market.

Our content is provided in an online format that you can take on your desktop computer, laptop, or anywhere you take your mobile device. After going through the interactive course we will mail you an official California DMV Certificate of Completion. Follow the steps below to get started right away!

California Auto Dealer Continuing Education Requirements

How to renew a California Dealer's license:


  1. Complete our 4 hour state-approved continuing education course: California Car Dealer Continuing Education for $49. We will send you your DMV Certificate of Completion after completion.

  2. Fill out the California DMV Renewal Application.

  3. Submit the: Renewal Application, renewal fees, and proof of continuing education (Certificate), to the CA Department of Motor Vehicles Occupational Licensing Section ON or BEFORE the license expiration date.

California Car Dealer Continuing Education

4 Hour Course $ 49.00

Our all online state-approved course satisfies the California DMV requirements for auto dealers to complete 4 hours of continuing education every two years. We are mobile friendly - you can take our course anywhere. All upfront pricing and no association membership required. Gain instant access to your course now!

California Dealer Training State Approval Letters

P.O. BOX 932342, MAIL STATION L224
SACRAMENTO, CA 94232-3420

March 7, 2013


Keith Haley/Mike Melvin
Online Auto Dealer ED/CCC0037
531 NE F ST
Grants Pass, Oregon 97527


Dear Gentleman:

The update to include information regarding Assembly Bills 1447 & 1534 into your Department of Motor Vehicles Approved Online Continuing Education Dealer Education Program has been reviewed and is hereby approved.

You are responsible for revising your approved lesson plan as requested by DMV to ensure that all required subject areas presented reflect substantial ongoing changes in related statutes, regulations or other requirements. Any changes altering the basic format or content of the course must be submitted and approved by the DMV prior to implementing.

Please note and understand that DMV does not intervene in contractual agreements. DMV is not responsible for any subsequent use by others regarding the content of the lesson plan that you sell. This means that if you sell your lesson plan, DMV has no obligation to control or monitor the use of the lesson plan by others.

The department suggests that you subscribe to the Email Alert System. The Email Alert System will provide you with quick, easy access to the memos and the most current information available to conduct your DMV business, to subscribe, log on to www.emailalert.dmv.ca.gov/subscriptions.asp.

If you have any questions, please contact me at (916) 229-4025.

Occupational Licensing Serves and Support
Curriculum and Testing Unit