Hating the Traffic Herd

by Chuck Rehdorf on 2018-01-23 11:41am

Image credit: geogaphorg...

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[Don’t Look Now, but] Your Driverless Car Wants to Kill You

by Peter Quince on 2017-09-20 3:29pm

September 20, 2017 They’ll kill us, if they get the chance It’s inevitable...

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Muscle cars; what was once old is new

by Chuck Rehdorf on 2017-08-22 11:24am

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Going Electric: Current Trends in Electric Cars

by Joel Harper on 2017-06-07 3:01pm

Going Electric: Current Trends in Electric Cars By Joel Harper Photo by: evgonetwork The future is here, especially when it comes to cars While they don’t yet fly, the nature of the car is changing...

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Quick Primer on the Online Autodealer Shopping Experience

by Karla Allen on 2017-03-31 4:09pm

Photo image: Houston Free Press By Karla Allen It sounds like a really good idea from a customer service point of view - big box stores for used cars No more having to buy your ‘pre-owned’ car from the small selection on the corner lot or walk football fields of cars searching for one with the exact features you want...

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